Once a technology has surfaced from research, it is essential to get it out into the world. In the case of the CWSC, transferring the technology from lab to industry with the aim of maximizing the exploitation of research results is a key component to how the centre is structured. Nurturing strong links with industry, and cultivating fruitful exchanges between science, society and the economy is at the heart of the centre’s operating model.

The CWSC attracts and stimulates innovative companies in the sector and acts as a springboard for technology transfer. It has a global impact by disseminating innovation and by collaborating with global companies.

By collaborating with the entrepreneurship support organizations of Switzerland and with the support of its industrial partners, it provides an environment for start-ups to flourish and spin-offs to operate. The centre interacts with the EPFL Innovation Park unique ecosystem for promoting entrepreneurship and fostering the creation of new ventures.

The Value Chain


To promote sustainable construction on a global scale, collaboration with all stakeholders throughout the value chain is essential. Every stakeholder, including the government, prescribers, structural engineers, architects, construction companies, and building material companies, plays a crucial role in achieving the common goal of sustainable construction. By breaking down the barriers between them and collaborating effectively, we can overcome the challenges we are facing.

The Centre will put an emphasis on bridging disciplinary silos and getting different branches of construction work together.