Our activities include research on technologies that can be rapidly implemented in the building and construction sectors to achieve strong impact on a global scale in reducing carbon emissions and using local resources, and educating professionals who will advance and promote sustainable practices in the construction industry globally.

Around 15-20% of global greenhouse gas emissions originate from the process of construction. The need for construction will increase in the coming decades due to urbanization and population growth, particularly in the Global South. With this projected growth, we need to not only avoid an increase but to reduce the volume of GHG emissions resulting from construction. Replacing existing practices is not straightforward but we can find solutions by conducting research and collaborating with all important stakeholders – academic partners, businesses, professional associations and NGOs – to address challenges. The Centre for Worldwide Sustainable Construction acts as an international headquarter for global solutions for sustainability in the construction sector.

The CWSC sets an international benchmark for education and training in sustainable construction and collaborates with a network of partner universities around the world. The Centre offers education at the doctoral and Masters level, which include developing capacity in the Global South where most new construction will occur. The centre is built on the already established world class reputation of EPFL in many construction-related fields, notably cement-based materials.