We conduct research on innovative and sustainable construction materials, technologies, and practices.

We explore alternative building methods that reduce the environmental impact and promote resource efficiency.

Research is focused on technologies that can be implemented on a global scale. It provides a roadmap and practical toolkits to industry players and public sector policy-makers based on the latest scientific research. World-leading experts lead research activities in their respective fields of construction as part of the centre.

Research activities include areas which cover all aspects of construction:

  • Materials
  • Design and transformation of infrastructure
  • Construction and deconstruction processes
  • Building maintenance and management
  • Measurement and anticipation of impacts

The centre puts an emphasis on breaking up disciplinary silos and favouring how different disciplines of construction work together. For instance, structural engineers working with architects to optimise designs for adaptive reuse in the future.

Researchers should develop tools for the practicing engineer to compare the embodied carbon of different structural layouts at an early stage.

Partnerships with research institutions, throughout the Global South and beyond, ensure that research is implemented as widely as possible. The CWSC is the focal point of a network of cooperation between:

  • University and industrial research, building links with multilateral international organizations active in construction and housing
  • A network of leading universities around the world in its research and teaching activities. The CWSC facilitates capacity building for more sustainable construction, maintenance and adaptation of buildings and infrastructure.
  • Industry and NGOs; the CWSC acts as a platform for collaboration and influence policy-makers on a global scale

With scientific research, industry engagement, and education all housed under one roof, the CWSC adopts an overarching approach to addressing challenges in decarbonizing the construction sector and in shaping the future of construction.

The centre is funded by philanthropic donations, including the ClimateWorks Foundation and the Grantham Foundation. Future funding opportunities for the construction of infrastructure and the hiring of professors will be explored.