Implementing new practices in the field starts with training engineers. Courses offered by the CWSC are designed to be widely accessible through formats designed for people active in the industry and for people from regions where construction markets are growing rapidly. This not only enables knowledge to be passed on to stakeholders and professionals occupying key roles, but also creates links with these people crucial to building new collaborations. The training programs also use innovation methods and technology transfer mechanisms that participants pilot in their respective companies and countries.

The CWSC sets an international benchmark for education and training in sustainable construction and collaborates with a network of partner universities around the world, such as IIT Madras, the University of Cape Town and others to come.

Research implementation in the field is conducted through:

  • Training and knowledge dissemination to current and future professionals
  • A specialized Master programme focused on the built environment value chain will be offered to the next generation of leaders in the sector.

The CWSC interacts with professional audiences at numerous events, conferences and workshops worldwide.